Friday, 3 October 2014

My Room Tour | AimeeBellMua

This is my lovely little bit of haven, I didn't want to do a proper detailed room tour as it is my personal space but I know its nice to have a peak at how people have decorated and styled their rooms. 

List of where to find the big items: 

My Gorgeous Bed - IKEA
Grey & White Bedding - IKEA 
Cream Throw Cushions - The Range
Grey Throw Cushions - Primark
Long Cream Happiness Pillow - Primark
Love Heart Pillow - Asda Living 
White/Grey Throw - Primark 

Fairy Lights - IKEA 
Grey Love Hearts on Bed - Primark 

White Mirror - The Range
2 Cream Lamps - The Range
2 Sets of White Drawers - IKEA 

Tall Brown Drawers - MFI
Clothes Rail - Argos
Small Dress Stand - The Range

If there is anything else that you have seen which I havent listed here, just ask and I will do my best to let you know where it is from, 

I hope you guys like my room, I would love for you to post links to your room tours!! 

Lots of Love A xox

Kiko Cosmetics Haul | AimeeBellMua

New cosmetic shops always gets me excited and cant wait to be let loose in there, however this has been open near where I have been doing my training course for about 4 months now and I have resisted temptation to go in until I was ready to blog again! 
KIKO cosmetics are an exciting new makeup brand which I can tell I am going to love! 
Have a look at their website to see if you can find a local store near you -

First impressions:
Then shop is set ut very professionally, similar to the MAC shops and there is every makeup artists dreams in there! Everything you could imagine to set up as a self employed Makeup Artist is there! 
The prices are very reasonable and compete with alot of the highstreet brand prices such as Maybelline & Rimmel so this made me get even more excited and couldnt wait to try some of their products. 

So as you can see I have picked up 3 of their eyeshadows. (I thought I would begin buying things I actually need rather than buying for the sake of it) These gorgeous single eyeshadows are only £2.90 each!! WOW!! They have every colour you could ever want and more! 

So I picked up my usual everyday browns/reddy brown/highlighter colours.

Below are the pigment numbers! 

KIKO Cosmetics - Number: 132
This is a lovely browny bronze colour and the pigment is so strong, just like your high end brands like mac. The packaging is adorable and the eye shadow seems to stay on all day without fall out or smudging when warm. 
KIKO Cosmetics - Number: 118
This pearly highlighter is fab for under your eyebrow, in the inner corner of your eye and to even highlight your cheeks applying it lightly with a blush type brush. 
Again the packaging is fab and the pigment is amazing! No fall out or fading during the day.
KIKO Cosmetics - Number: 137
Last but not least I picked up this purpley brown shadow which is fab for the autumn seasons. 
Again fably packed and very strong pigments as you can see on the swatch. 

All these eyeshadows are very easy to blend together to create your own. 

All in all I would definately recommend these if you are looking for cheaper MAC dupes with the same quality! I will definately be picking up many more of these and trying products from all the other ranges too. 

I hope you enjoyed this haul post, I am sure there will be many more to come! 

Lots of Love A xox

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Garnier Olia Intense Copper | AimeeBellMua

So yesterday I decided it was time for another hair colour change so I decided I wanted to go for a copper colour. The picture above doesn't quite show the true colour of it but its a very nice copper brown which I am in love with.

I purchased the Garnier Olia Intense Copper hair dye from Superdrug which was around £6.99 so it is a slightly higher priced of the home box dyes however I love the packaging.

In the box you get the squeezy applicator bottle, developer crΓ¨me, and the actual hair pigment which you mix together.

You then begin to apply the hair colour using the nozzle. I find it easier if I start around my hair line, then put the colour through my roots, and then put the rest of the mixture all over my hair and massage it into my scalp.

The recommended development time is 30mins however I only left it on 20 as I know my hair is very porous and soaks up hair dye like its going out of fashion and can end up being a lot darker than my desired result.

I then washed the colour out using the conditioner given with the dye, which smells gorgeous and has left my hair feeling soft and looking shiny.

All in all I am very pleased with the result and will be using this hair dye again in around 6 weeks when my roots have grown back.

I rate this product 4 out of 5* as the product is very nice however I would of liked it to be a slightly brighter colour!! But maybe if I go over it again next time I am ready to dye it, it will be closer to the colour shown on the box.

**I would always recommend doing a small patch test behind your ear 48hrs prior to when you want to dye your hair incase of an allergic reaction**

Lots of Love A xox

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Zoella Beauty | AimeeBellMua

So after hearing about Zoella's new beauty range I just had to pick some things up from my local Superdrug. If you want to see if your local superdrug has this range, visit
for more details or you can order online. 

First Impressions:
I absolutely love the packaging and how she has incorporated her blog style and signature onto all the products giving it a cute vintage shabby chic feel to it. 
I Picked up 1 of the beauty bags which will now for definite be my new make-up bag. How adorable is the guines pig!! I believe it may be one of her guinea pigs she has?? 
I also picked up the Let's Glow candle & the Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion.
This lotion cost £5.00 which is very reasonable especially when it is a 160ml bottle. The packaging is again gorgeous and it smells delicious. I have sampled a small amount on the back of my hand which has left it feeling soft and velvety. Its enriched with aloe vera, Shea butter and vitamin E which are all fab ingredients for silky smooth skin. I will do another review in about a week on this once I have used it after showers a few more times. 
The Lets glow candle is in an adorable tin type packaging with the polka dot theme followed through. The scent is a blend of white wood accents, sweet vanilla and soft floral notes. I can safely say it doe smell amazing, but I will give it another review once I have started burning it. I can say that as I am writing this I can smell it coming from my bedside table so it may begin to make my room smell good!! This cost £5.00 also, which is slightly pricey as the candle isn't all that big however if it burns well then it will be worth it. 
Last but not least I picked up this gorgeous beauty bag which I will definitely be swapping my current make-up bag out for this. This cost £8.00 which is pretty good considering it is very high quality, glossy and with the cute guinea pig on it which will sell to any animal lover. 
I'm sure you will see this soon on a future post of a what's in my make-up bag tag! 

I was hoping to pick up the body mist also however there wasn't any left in stock so I may have to post that review in the near future. 

Have you guys tried any products from this range? What are your faves?

Lots of Love A xox

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Primark OOTD - Work Casual | AimeeBellMua

Today I am at college for my final week doing my IT Apprenticeship. So far I have completed all my exams gaining 4 MTA's (Microsoft Technology Associate Qualifications & I am now a Microsoft Certified Professional). Sounds very technical when you trained as a Makeup Artist & Beauty Therapy, so people seem to be pretty impressed that a makeup obsessed girl can actual do
something else with her life!

I am wearing:
Blazer - Primark - £15
Necklace - Primark -  £3
Green Slouchy Thin Jumper - Primark - £6
Leggings - (x2 pairs, to prevent see thoroughness!) - Primark - £3 each
Uggs - Primark - £8 (I don't believe in proper Uggs as I ruin every pair I get)
Black Tank Top under Green Jumper - Primark - £2

As you can tell I am a massive Primark Fan but then who isn't! I am sure there will be some Primark Hauls up soon!

Lots of Love A xox

My Pixie Cut | AimeeBellMua

If it was up to me, the world would be full of Pixie Cut beauty's I just wish more people would take plunge and get the chop. It's the best thing I have ever done!

People ask who I have based it on and the answer is obviously Frankie Sandford (Or Bridge now as she married earlier this year!) She's absolutely gorgeous  and was the main reason I thought about the chop.

Ive had short hair now for about 4 years, and through this time don't get me wrong I have wished that I could just get up in a morning and screw my hair up on top of my head in a messy bun when I cant be bothered to deal with the 'Porcupine' Hair style I wake up with everyday! But I do love it and wouldn't change it now. I feel so much more confident!

If you are considering the chop but are too scared to just go from hip length to pixie, get it cut into stages, then at least its not a massive shock and possible regret straight away.

I got it in about 5 stages... 1st chop was from Belly Button length to long 'Posh, Victoria Beckham' bob, to shorter bob, to a more asymmetric bob, to Frankie Sandford Crop to Pixie! :)

The shorter I've gone the better I have felt, and everyone commented on how bright my eyes looked and how much more slender my face was.

Obviously depending on face shape depends on how suitable you are for this cut, but if you have a consultation with your hair dresser and explain what you would like (With pictures, hairdressers do love pictures!) they can help find the 'Pixie' cut for you.

I will upload some more posts soon on how I style my hair and what hair products I use to achieve the 'Messy' look.

Lots of Love, A xox