Sunday, 15 March 2015

St Moriz Body Lotion Dark | AimeeBellMua

(After Tan & washed off guide colour. Not sure how well the difference comes out)

(Before Tan)

So as promised here is my review on my fave self-tanner of all time, ST MORIZ. I keep buying all sorts of different tanners to try, but always end up coming back to this one!

I absolutely love the ST Moriz range, they have Medium/Dark products depending on how dark you want to go and you can get it in a lotion/mouse & spray. Personally I love the lotion a bit better as it really holds the moisture in your skin and I don’t find it goes patchy as fast as the others.

The dark version is VERY VERY dark which I love, but you can’t apply it in the morning to give yourself a bit of colour like the medium as you look like you’ve been rolling around in the dirt! If I apply the dark I do it before bed (making sure im in dark pj’s and dark bed sheets otherwise the transfer isn’t nice to wake up to!)

The medium is my preferred colour as it’s not too dark and you can build up the colour until you are satisfied & use a moisturiser over the top to keep it lasting as long as possible.

If I forget to apply the medium tanner for an occasion, the good thing about it is I can apply it in the morning and it gives a natural colour to your skin (just keep away from water as the guide colour will run and make you look like a spotty Dalmatian ha!)

I apply this tanner about 2-3 times a week depending on if im going anywhere on the weekend or what im doing.

At the end of the week I give myself a proper good scrub using an exfoliating mitt and some exfoliating scrub in the shower to remove any dead skin cells and any leftover tan. I find that this tan is easy to remove without having to scrub yourself red like some self-tanners.

Every time Im in the shower during my week, I use the exfoliating scrub lightly over my skin to remove any skin that may be lifting to keep my colour looking even. (Concentrate on ankles, knees, elbows, wrists)

I also shave during this time too to make sure the application will be even.

Once out of the shower (I don’t moisturise like some people advise, as I find the tan doesn’t stick to the skin and develop as well. Plus by using the lotion I find this really moisturising in itself. If you do happen to have some dry skin then to avoid the colour gathering around this area apply some tanner to moisturiser and rub in to dilute the mixture a bit.

I apply the tanner using a mitt (you can use gloves or bare hands but remember to WASH those pandys afterwards!) The guide colour is dark so you can see exactly where you are applying it to avoid streaks.

Then it’s time to let it develop! So put on some loose pj’s, make a brew & relax! I normally do this before bed so  can let it develop overnight and wash off the guide colour in the morning.

And voila! You should be a bronzed goddess! All in all I rate this product 5 out of 5 because for me this product works. (Remember some products work for some and not for others, it’s a trial and error process).

Another great factor of this tan is its only between £2.99 & 5.99 depending where you purchase! You can now pick this up almost anywhere!

Hope you like this post! Do you guys love/hate this tanner? Are there any other products you love? Let me know and I will be more than welcome to review these too!

Love A x