Monday, 13 April 2015

My Week In Pictures #2 | AimeeBellMua



So this has been my week in pictures this lst week. Sorry for the lack of posts recently ive been going through loads of stuff and it hasnt been plain sailing!! 

So this week i started back on my QA course with my foundation degree in IT which meant it was time to have fun and games on the train to leeds! I made a friend with a pidgeon & even got a tweet from northern rail ha! 

I cut myself a side fringe into my hair so i had more of a bob type style coming on and making it look longer and more even. Im thinking about going back to my reddy coloured hair again now its getting warmer & sunnier. I miss it tbh! 

I played squirrel with my dog cos he absolutely loves popcorn... He would literally do anything for it! So i amused me and my mum by oretending to through popcorn across the lounge and shouting 'squirrel!' We were dying with laughter! Bailey however wasnt a happy puppy ha! 

And finally this weekend ive been nursed by my puppy to try and get me back healthy again ive been suffering awful pains and headaches which hasnt been fun and im writing this from my death bed surrounded by an unlimited amount of water & juice & tablets in hope i can kick this in to touch ready for my first assignments when i return to college tomorrow! 

What have you guys been doing this last week? Do your dogs have any food they are obsessed with? 

Lots of love A xxxxx