Wednesday, 27 May 2015

1st June - Start of Healthier Life Challenge | AimeeBellMua

So its almost June, the start of warmer weather (I hope) which means the summer dresses, shorts etc will be coming out and everyone wants to be in the best shape possible. I dont normally do fitnessy type posts but I thought maybe if I write about it, it will encourage me more to actually stick to it! 

Over the last year or so as some of you may know I have had a tough time and been in some very dark places so exercise and eating better hasn't really been on my mind.. More slouching on the sofa with a big bag of Doritos and wine, which has done me more damage than good making me feel tireder and like I cba to do anything! 

In the last month I have found myself feeling abit more like Aimee again, I have got my hair chopped again, back to doing my makeup properly, nails & tan again so I think its about time I made my body a little bit better and at least healthier! 

No I don't want to lose any weight before anyone comments on that! (I know some of you will say im too skinny or even maybe some of you will think im fat :S due to the crazy weird society we live in nowadays!!! I simply want to feel better, make my skin, hair and nails healthier and tone up hopefully gaining some muscle definition. 

The above picture was taken on Monday (25/05/2015) which I guess isn't bad to say I haven't done hardly any exercise since I left the gym in January last year! (Wow time flys by!!) However this is me tensing (if only my abs were like that all the time!) 

Some of you wont know that I have over curvature of the spine which makes me stand with an over arch and causes me a lot of problems with back ache & makes me look well pregnant when I'm bloated especially so I will need to get back into the routine of strengthening my back again to correct my posture and spine. 

So how on earth am I going to do this?? Hopefully with the help and support of you guys!!!! 

Eating & Foodies

I will probably never ever 'diet' who wants to make eating not enjoyable and only eating things which we hate!! I am a proper veg/fruit phobic, I very rarely eat them in my normal every day life so why would I suddenly cut out all my fun food for boring stuff unless I incorporate them into my meals. Moderation is better than starving your body of some foods and having too much of others. 

So I have had a gander at some foodie options which aren't too disgusting and which I could cope with into my new healthier lifestyle...... 

I found this meal planner on Pinterest & the food options dont sound too scary! Obviously some of the things I wont eating on the pure fact I dont like them such as avacado (Only good for face & hair masks!! ) But the basic meal combos give you an idea of what sort of things you can put together for awesome meals! And to stop them being plain I cant advise more than SEASONING SEASONING SEASONING to prevent them from being bland!! 


I dont know about you guys but I find exercising after a long day at work is a total no no! After waking up at 6 and then not getting home till about 6 the last thing I want to do after being stuck in traffic for an hour is to do my workout, so I find the best way to do it is first thing in a morning when you get out of bed!!! 

It gives you energy, kickstarts your metabolism & puts you in a good mood! Normal workouts seem to not really do anything for me so I have been looking at kettlebell workouts for a more focused, weight training cardio workout. Such as the below which I also found on Pinterest (If you havent noticed by now, im obsessed with my pinterest! Constantly looking for inspo!!) 

These are my 2 fave workouts which I think I will aim at alternating between these 2 and aiming to do them 3 times a week at least!!! 


Yes yes yes, we all know we should be drinking around 8 glasses of water a day and lets face it, other than the Gym Bunnys out there not many of us do it! Personally I think its because water is bland and not very appealing, but you can make it better by getting a filter water bottle, Ice and adding cucumber or lemon or strawberrys to it to give it abit of a kick! Not only will it help your metabolism but it helps clear your skin, hair and nails. 

Early Bird Catches the Worm

As I am on 2 different shifts starting at 8 or half 9 on alternate weeks, I need to get myself trained up into getting up at 5 on an early shift day & 6:30 on the late shift (2 hours before I have to leave the house) This is so I can get everything done before I leave, workout, shower, brekkie & prep any snacks I want to bring to work & water!!!!!!!!!! By getting up early and having a relaxing yet productive morning will make you feel more awake and set a positive tone for the rest of the day!!! 


I know you will be think ey this isnt healthy ha! I just thought I would add this extra point in as you are probably aware I am forever changing my hair colour & feel like now that its getting warmer I need to lighten up the hair again and go back to a more Frankie colour.. a nice light brown like this... 

Absolutely love this caramel hair colour, so will aim to getting this back ready for my new healthier more positive lifestyle! 

The countdown begins!!! Who wants to start this with me?? We can do it togethers & support each other!!!! 

Are you doing any cool workouts I could try? Any cool meals you love which are also healthy & yummy?? 


Lots of Love A xxxx