Friday, 8 May 2015

Pixie Cut Is Coming Back | AimeeBellMua


Yes you read it right!! The pixie cut is coming back!!!!! I have been trying to grow out my hair since around christmas time and I just don't feel like myself. Anyone that has been for the pixie crop & then tried growing it out its so hard when you are scrolling through instagram or pinterest and you see other girls rocking the pixie cut and think aww man im in the rank hair stage!! 

I decided Im gunna go back for the chop mainly because 'LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR BORING HAIR!!!' 

If you have managed to grow out your pixie congrats because it takes a lot of will power and horrible hair to get to the finish line!!! 

My biggest pixie cut inspiration as is any girl I know with short hair FRANKIE SANDFORD/BRIDGE! She is absolutely stunning and seeing pictures of her is always what makes me want to get it cut again.. 

So I have booked myself an appointment with my hairdresser to get the chop again! I'm so excited!!

I am not going to reveal when I am getting it done I will simpy post some pictures up! Which will then follow with a tutorial on how I style it etc!! :) 

Have any of you gone for the chop? Or thinking about the chop? Let me know your styling tips!!!! 

Lots of Love A x