Monday, 11 May 2015

The Main Man In My Life | AimeeBellMua





So I thought I would do a slightly different blog post today about my puppy and how much a dog can affect your life so much! 

Bailey is a Lhasa Apso and is going to be turning 7 this month! We picked him up from doncaster on the 30/08/2008 and he was a little ball of fluff rolling around the garden of the breeders and we knew he was the one we wanted. 

Our whole family fell in love! We all now understand what is meant by 'Man's best friend!'

They become such a massive part of your family and you cant imagine life without them. 

They make you laugh, give you cuddles when you are down, always happy to see you with their waggy tails when you come home from work! And can entertain you for hours on end just playing with them or even just stroking them to soothe you! 

Each dog has such a fab personality & if you are thinking about getting a dog I would definitely recommend a Lhasa as they have such a lovely temperament and the best bit is they do not malt! (Obviously only bring a dog up if you have the money, space & ability to do so, because remember a puppy isn't just for christmas they are for life!) 

Make sure you do your research of the breeders in advance and I would particularly suggest asking friends and family where they have bought their dogs from and if they would recommend the breeder they got theres from. Make sure they are registered & that the dogs are pedigree and health checked with all the first puppy jabs at least! 

I love my lil man! You will see from the pictures he has blue paws. This is due to my sister becoming a dog groomer and has recently discovered the art of creative grooming and bought some (dog friendly) blow pens which put a temporary dye over the dogs fur to create cool patterns. 

Personally I think he looks like hes walker over a smurf but nonetheless its pretty cool ha!! 

If you are thinking of getting a dog let me know! Send piccys of your puppys or link me up to yours! I would love to see them!! 

Lots of Love A x