Monday, 15 June 2015

Night Time Routine | AimeeBellMua

I dont know about you guys but getting into bed on an evening with my ipad and netflix is my fave time of the day! I havent really got any series that im currently watching however im very partial to my horror films & catching up with Alan Carr Chatty Man i love it!! 

So i thought i would share with you my little night time routine when i get home from work ! 

Depending what time i finish work i can be home either half 5 or 7 and the first thing i do is put my comfys on, get my clothes out for the next day & have my tea! 

Then i take my makeup off using the garnier micellar water and if needed i touch up my nails and do my fake tan! Im currently loving the xen tan lotion in dark & the sunkissed dark mousse!! 

Then ill have a look to see if my eyebrows are wild and give them a tweeze ha! N then ill get a brew/juice and get into bed for a few hours.... 

Watch some youtube, read some blogs, scroll endlessly through my social media....
Twitter: @aimeebellmua
Instagram: @aimeebellmua
Snapchat: albmakeup & watch netflix! Im addicted ha! 

Then about 10-11 its time for bed so ill brush my teeth, crawl back into bed and say night to the world before setting my alarm & catching some zzzzzzz!!! 

What do you guys do on an evening??? 

Lots of love A xxxx