Sunday, 7 June 2015

Weekend In Pictures | AimeeBellMua

This weekend ive spent with my bf relaxing and having a fun packed weekend!! 

Froday we just stayed in and had pizza (oops cheat meal, which turned into a cheat weekend ha!! 🙈) 

Saturday we went to frankie and bennys for lunch, i demolished chicken & chorizo pasta (however was disappointed as wasnt all that great in comparison to mine!) 
Then we went to the cinema to see insidious 3! If you havent seen it yet then i would definitely recommend it its an awesome film! Good story line & a hell of a lot of jumpy bits in! Think i had my heart restarted about 5 times ha! But thats the fun of horrors! 
If you prefer to watch in the comfort of your bed with pillows and lights on then i would definitely get this on dvd! (We will be purchasingn when this comes out) 
Its a prequil of the first 2 insidious's which talk about time before elise went into working as a psychic again properly and you find out the background of her & the scary man dressed as a woman in a black wedding dress!! 5* film loved it! 

Then today we have had a lovely day out in the sun walking round a little park near where i live called St ives! Walked off the bad foods we have eaten this weekend ha! Got some lovely pictures! & finished it off with an ice cream. He was so happy when he got his ice cream ha!!! 

What have you guys been up to this weekend? What do you think about horror films!? 

Anyway Back to the workout and healthy eating tomorrow!

Lots of love A x