Monday, 29 June 2015

What Ive Been Up To? | AimeeBellMua

I've been quite MIA recently compared to normal...
I've been struggling with exhaustion as I realized I have only had 1 days off since Christmas and I am definitely due some time off! So this week I have friday, sat, sun, mon, tues off to enjoy some time away, relaxing, focusing on my blog & making it the best it can and bringing back my baby Nikon SLR camera (Now im getting my followers up I need to work on proper photos!!)

This weekend I spent the whole weekend with the Boyf! He came over to mine and met the parents for the first time... and it went very very well! 

Friday night we just chilled in with the parents & watched films..

Saturday I had my hair chopped at last! Bye bye Mullet!! I then went to go see minons! (As most of you will know I absolutely love the little yellow guys!!) I was not disappointed I absolutely loved it! I purchased another Minion cup from Cineworld too, making it 2 out of 6 that I have!! 

Saturday night we went out for an Indian with my friend and her boyfriend & went for some drinks after in my local town to give him an experience of where I live (We live an hour away from each other by car so diff worlds, accents ha!) 

Then yesterday we both went back to his, went for a Nando's and headed back to snuggle in bed and had a Harry Potter omnibus (Wow we sound so cool haha!!) 

We both looked at each other half way through chamber of secrets and decided we were hungry again and ordered pizza. Wow. I was so fat this weekend and today has been so better.....

Some self loathing going on right now....  I really need to get back into healthy eating - I think ive just hit a wall though recently.. feeling all cba mode like we all get! 

What have you guys been up to recently? Have you been to see Minions yet?? 

Lots of Love A xxxxxx