Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Yummy! Lamb burgers, new potatoes, greek salad! | AimeeBellMua

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This was absolutely delicious as a main meal & perfect to sit outside in the gorgeous sunshine we have been having recently in the UK. So me and my friend decided it was time to have a Greek Feast for tea in the Garden..

She did:

2X Lamb Burgers each (Bought from the farm shop! Proper scrummy yummy! Keelham Farm Shop in Skipton) - Grilled on each side for about 15 mins (Melt in the mouth meat!!)
New Potatoes which were done in herb butter
&  greek salad made up of, green leaf salad, red onion, feta cheese & Olives.

On the side we had some crusty bread with a Garlic Olive oil & balsamic vinegar!

Voila! Its as easy as that and we had such a filling meal it was lovely!! I absolutely adore Greek Food is one of my faves!!!

Do you like greek food? Any in-particular dishes which you are partial to? 

Lots of Love A xx