Wednesday, 8 July 2015

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My @smartprotein turned up today!!! Will be doing a review on it soon once ive been using for a couple weeks! Get 10% off your order at the checkout usingg code: AFF10 **valid until July 31st**

I thought I would do a quick post on the products I am using to support my Fit Girls Guide workout!! Click here to find out more!!!

As I have already done a detailed post on how Smart Protein works and who they are please click here if you would like more information to help you decide which program is right for you.

I picked the diet and weight loss products... Not to lose weight (As I already know I am slim so please no need for any comments on that ha!) I merely want to help tone up my body & help muscle definition come out along side my workout & eating regime.

I selected the Essential Fat Loss Pack which gives you a saving of 33% at a small price of: £29.95.

This gives you the Metabolize capsules x90 & the Diet Fusion Protein Powder (I selected chocolate flavour) & a free Protein Shaker! (Im in love with the way the protein shaker is ha!!!!

If you are looking for different results use my code AFF10 @ the checkout for 10% off your order **Valid until 31st July 2015**

I had my first shake & capsule last night after my tea & so far so good...... I did my workout with the
Fit Girls Guide this morning and so far I dont feel like I am going to die haah! But time will tell when I cant roll out of bed tonight haha!!!

Have you guys tried any Smart Protein products? What are your thoughts? What are your faves? 

Lots of Love A xxxxxxx