Thursday, 2 July 2015

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Smart Protein Results through knowledge

Whilst scrolling through all my emails, I saw an enticing email from a nice guy from Tom and discussed ways in which I could try some Smart Protein products for myself and do some reviews for you guys.

I thought yeh why not as I am currently doing more posts on fitness than anything else at the moment so would tie in nicely and hopefully help you guys on the road to getting the body you want!!!!

So I had a little read on who they are.... Smart Protein have been gaining extensive knowledge over the last 10 years in the sports nutrition industry developing products for us consumers on our road to healthier lives.

One thing I did love about them was they offer help for beginners right up to pro-athletes with eating plans, advice, recipes and nutritional strategies if you aren't sure which products are right for you.

They also understand that it can be a confusing world with all these products on the market with techy scientific names which when thinking about protein shakes for some reason we automatically think would turn us into Arnold Schwarzenegger's!! (Not the case)

To make things abit easier for you they have different sections for the goals you want...

So which one suits you, I hear you ask.... Well I will break it down that little bit more to see which is best for you... 

Lean Muscle Growth   - Gaining lean, defined muscle takes a combination of intense training and precise nutrition. Using the right supplements from the Smart Protein range to support this goal can make a big difference by providing your body with nutrients that are proven to promote muscle growth without gaining excess body fat. (Smart Protein) 

Diet & Weightloss - Despite what you may have heard there are no magic pills or formulas that will instantly make you drop all your unwanted body fat. That said, if you are looking to lose weight and get in shape we have a range of products that can help you when combined with regular exercise and controlled nutrition.(Smart Protein) 

Training Energy - Getting maximum results from your workout and nutrition plan means training with optimal energy levels every time you exercise. That's why our range of training energy products are a must for the regular exerciser, offering benefits that include a boost in mental and physical performance, increased resistance to fatigue and enhanced muscle power.(Smart Protein) 

Mass Gain - At Smart Protein we have a range of supplements designed for trainers who are seeking maximum gains in muscle mass. Whether you want to use an individual product or stack them together, our research-based formulas will help you to boost training intensity and power, accelerate recovery and provide the calories and support nutrients that you need for the best mass gains possible.(Smart Protein) 

Strength & Power - If you play sport or workout in the gym, then boosting strength and power is guaranteed to take your performance and results to another level. Our range of strength and power supplements has been formulated to offer a fast and noticeable boost, thanks to their effective levels of research proven sports nutrients. (Smart Protein) 

 I am going to be purchasing some of Smart Protein's products this weekend and will do a post of what I have bought and why & then later I will post up some reviews for you guys! 

For Exclusive discount use code: AFF10 at the checkout for 10% (Valid until 31st July 2015) - Visit Smart Protein to buy yours now or for more information!!!! 

Have any of you guys used these products? Which do you recommend? Whats your fave? 

Lots of Love A xxxx