Thursday, 1 October 2015

Mission Hair Growth - Growing out a Pixie Cut - Month #1 I Aimee Bell MUA

So I have decided now is the time to grow out my hair. I have been rocking out the pixie cut now for a good 6 years & have tried and failed to grow my hair out about 3 times now! (Must be mental as if I hadn't of cut it those times it would be down past my chest now!! **angry face**)

If you have been following me on twitter/instagram for the last few years you will already know about my pathetic hair growing attempts & extension wearing days.... I guess if you have ever had short hair in your life you will know how difficult it is to not give in when you reach the 'Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet' style hair cut! It is way too easy to just go f*ck it i'm getting it chopped, I guess I will have to struggle with short boy hair forever!

However now I have reached the ripe old age of 22 (I know I know im still a baby) now is the last chance really to be able to grow my hair out to where it used to be (Approximately belly button level) & still pull it off.

How I want it it will be around 4 years of hair growing hell but I know it will be worth it when I reach my hair goals!!!

So I have been forever Pinning hair inspiration for my hair as it begins to grow so It sort of looks like a hair cut! (If your not following me on pinterest click here!!!) so here is my sort of hair growing list of hair styles...

Latest Popular Short Straight Hairstyle with Long Bangs:

This is the first stage I guess, getting it to a long pixie which is easily transitional to a bob when it grows abit longer...

25 Short Hairstyles That’ll Make You Want to Cut Your Hair:

Then comes the almost chin length bob... Slowly beginning to look like sort of hair you can get away with without looking like a 'Im trying to grow my hair out hair cut'

Moriah Peters, BRAVE album Makeup and hair by Rosanna Nykanen. Photography: Eli McFadden Wardrobe: Bianca Peters:

Then we have a few long bob stages until we hit shoulder length hair..

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A blunt shoulder length bob comes next & then its full speed ahead to hair growth!!! Eventually I am hoping to create some beautiful long locks like these below.... Adventurous I know but hopefully with a lot of tears & frustration with my ugly hair I will get here!!

long dark hair

As anyone knows when growing out your hair we all do the same searches on the internet to find out which products, techniques & crazy concoctions for hair masks will help us grow out our hair faster and longer than ever before. 

After searching for a good few days I found a cute article on BAZAAR here with 5 top tips on how to grown luscious long hair :). The steps include: 

Using a hydrating hair mask - Applying a hair treatment that contains hydrating ingredients helps to maintain as well as restoring hairs internal structure and elasticity to help prevent breakage of the hair.

Be Gentle when Brushing - Roughly brushing your hair when wet or dry, can lead to tears on your hair and in the long run cause your hair to break and snap off. You should try to brush your hair from the ends up to minimize damage.

Seal your Split Ends - Use a daily treatment which can help smooth hair and help reinforce & structurally repair damaged ends. You can pick up a split end treatment anywhere. 

Eat Protein Rich Food - As the hair is mainly made up from proteins you should each a balanced diet with a high level of protein in such as chicken, beef, eggs, nuts & seeds etc. This helps the hair grow healthy strands of hair & gives it good food to grow from! 

Use Heat Tools Sparingly - Try not to use heat on your hair where possible as heat damages and can cause your split ends to snap off or become worse. If you do have split ends I would suggest getting a regular trim & If you do have to use heat use a heat protection spray throughout. 

Use Hair Growing Supplements - I know this may be a fad however I have purchased some from and have been using these for 5 days now and my hair feels softer, healthier & seems to have grown slightly. Any sort of supplements which contain Biotin & Gelatin are a sure way to boost the speed in which your hair grows. But like anything else, depending on your natural hair growth rate depends on how fast your hair growth is boosted! I am going to do a full review on these once I have been taking them for the 1st month supply :) 

I hope this post was interesting & Im sorry if you got tired of reading by the end of it as its quite a long one this week ha!! 

Have you got any hair growing tips? Have you successfully grown out your pixie cut? I would love to hear your stories so comment below!! 

Lots of Love A xxxxx