Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Since I first started my blog & youtube the thing which I get asked most often is how do you store your makeup & beauty products? The answer is in my ALEX by IKEA bedside tables! Well only in one as my collection has downsized somewhat over the last year or so! On new years eve I had a big sort out in my room reorganising everything ready to go into 2016 uber organised! 

So in my top drawer I have all of my skin care for my face & in the back my body butters and body lotions. The little separators are simply boxes I got with my christmas pressies and I cut them to size to fit in my drawers! Cheap as chips idea and recycling woop! (If you want a more in depth look at my skin care comment below!)

Next drawer down is all my lovely bottles of fake tan! Yes yes I am bit obsessed but I like having a healthy colour as I don't believe in sun beds! With me having black hair, it washes my natural skin out and my family call me Morticia Addams from the Addams family cos I look so pale ha so a fake tan is in need! (If you want a more in depth look at my tans I will do a post/video just comment below!) 

3rd Drawer down is my Makeup Pallette and Makeup Miscellaneous Stuff Drawer. The white square box is from an old set of whicker drawers I had and the see through tub is just an old take away box washed out! They are perfect for organising stuffs!! Again if you want an updated makeup collection video/post comment below! 

4th Drawer is where all the good stuff happens! My little makeup collection compared to most of the beauty/makeup gurus about nowadays but as its only me I use it on whats the point in having a big collection, I only have one face! 

So at the back I have eyeliners and mascaras on the left side of the white box (takeaway containers again to separate) & loose eyeshadows and pigments on the right. 

Next to that I have a spare makeup bag and kabuki brush. 

At the front in the white tub I have all my face products, foundations, concealers, bronzers, highlighters, blushers & finally to the left of that I have my ever expanding lipstick collection. 

If you want me to do a more in depth post on any of my products do let me know in the comments below!!! 

Finally in the bottom drawers is my spare hair tools! Brushes, electronic hair stylers, bobbles and pins in the white tub & my la riche directions hair dyes on the left!

And well thats it really! Nothing special but its my little organised heaven now!!! Send me photos of your collections below or tag me on instagram! @aimeebellmua make sure your following!

Lots of Love A xxxx