Saturday, 16 April 2016

Saturday Workout | Aimee Bell

Saturday workout done! ✅💪🏼
#300 crunches 
#100 side crunches 
#100 hip bridges 
#30 second plank 
#25 pushups 
#50 squats 
Feeling good & positive! Cleaned mine and joshes bedroom and bathroom! Healthy room, healthy mind!! ☺️☺️ #fitspiration #fitspo #cleaneatingalice #cleaneating #kaylaistines #workout #homeworkout #saturdayworkout #blog #blogger

Friday, 15 April 2016

My Protein Clothing Range Aimee Bell MUA

Myprotein Women’s Fiesta Printed Sports Bra: Image 01


Myprotein Women’s Fiesta Legging’s: Image 01


Myprotein Women's Yoga Leggings with Mesh Panels - Black: Image 01


Myprotein Women's Burnout Vest - Pink: Image 01


Myprotein Women’s High Waisted Printed Block Leggings - Teal: Image 01


Upon opening my emails this morning I saw an email from My Protein advising me about their wide range of clothing they have, which excited me to have a gander through their range! I have selected a few of my fave things on there to show you the cute range they have! See the rest of their range here >>>>> Click HERE

They have shared with me some codes in order to get you some lovely discount on your purchases dependent on your amount! Use the correct code below at the checkout! 
I will be purchasing some bits from here this weekend so once they arrive I will do a try on post :) 

£20 off when you spend £75 on Clothing
Add products to basket and use code

Code: MYP20
Valid till: 30/04/2016  23:59:00

£10 off when you spend £50 on Clothing
Add products to basket and use code

Code: MYP10
Valid till: 30/04/2016  23:59:00

£5 off when you spend £30 on Clothing
Add products to basket and use code

Code: MYP5
Valid till: 30/04/2016  23:59:00

Have you guys bought any clothing items from My Protein yet? Let me see pictures if you have!! What do you think?

Lots of Love A xx

Monday, 11 April 2016

BBG 1.0 2 month post update | Aimee Bell MUA

So it has been 2 months now since I finished BBG 1.0... Apologies I didnt do my 12 week update after finished the programme, I have just been so exhausted and busy and really didn't feel like blogging, but I m getting back into the swing of things now! 

After finishing BBG 1.0 I did feel better in myself as my body had changed and I had toned up alot in the 12 weeks which made me realize that bodies really are amazing little creatures! However once I cancelled the Kayla Istines app, I slipped back into my slouchy, lazy days and my workout really has gone out the window! Takeaway central came back & days in bed seemed to take over but my work really has stressed me out to the point of exhaustion so I haven't felt motivated to get back on it. 

However, I have now found another quirky little app on the App Store calls Sworkit! & its free!! It gives you 4 categories of workouts & you can choose which body part you would like to train & choose how long you want to workout for! You can select: Strength, Cardio, Yoga & Stretch.
I have used this a few times now and with the countdown & mini demo on each exercise 30 minutes working out flys by! I just put on my tunes and work away! 

If you are looking for a new workout app I would definitely recommend this one! Its perfect for anyone that doesn't have a gym membership or simply 'doesn't have time to go' its perfect! 

You can find it here! >>>>>  SWORKIT HERE!! 

**Picture taken from**

The pictures taken above is after I tackled a gruelling 1 hour workout on saturday and as you can see the abs are slowly coming back out of hiding and my god today I can definitely feel it I cant walk! I did the full body to get me back into it! 

I am going to document my workouts for this week and begin showing you guys what im doing and what Im eating.. However this lunchtime I have had supernoodles (oops) due to not enough time to go out on my dinner to pick anything else up and I am off on a speed walk / run tonight to counteract the badness ha! 

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Have you guys used this app before? What do you think of it? Do you have a workout routine? When do you do your workouts, AM / PM?? 

Would love to here your workouts!! Comment below! 

Lots of Love A xxxx