Monday, 11 April 2016

BBG 1.0 2 month post update | Aimee Bell MUA

So it has been 2 months now since I finished BBG 1.0... Apologies I didnt do my 12 week update after finished the programme, I have just been so exhausted and busy and really didn't feel like blogging, but I m getting back into the swing of things now! 

After finishing BBG 1.0 I did feel better in myself as my body had changed and I had toned up alot in the 12 weeks which made me realize that bodies really are amazing little creatures! However once I cancelled the Kayla Istines app, I slipped back into my slouchy, lazy days and my workout really has gone out the window! Takeaway central came back & days in bed seemed to take over but my work really has stressed me out to the point of exhaustion so I haven't felt motivated to get back on it. 

However, I have now found another quirky little app on the App Store calls Sworkit! & its free!! It gives you 4 categories of workouts & you can choose which body part you would like to train & choose how long you want to workout for! You can select: Strength, Cardio, Yoga & Stretch.
I have used this a few times now and with the countdown & mini demo on each exercise 30 minutes working out flys by! I just put on my tunes and work away! 

If you are looking for a new workout app I would definitely recommend this one! Its perfect for anyone that doesn't have a gym membership or simply 'doesn't have time to go' its perfect! 

You can find it here! >>>>>  SWORKIT HERE!! 

**Picture taken from**

The pictures taken above is after I tackled a gruelling 1 hour workout on saturday and as you can see the abs are slowly coming back out of hiding and my god today I can definitely feel it I cant walk! I did the full body to get me back into it! 

I am going to document my workouts for this week and begin showing you guys what im doing and what Im eating.. However this lunchtime I have had supernoodles (oops) due to not enough time to go out on my dinner to pick anything else up and I am off on a speed walk / run tonight to counteract the badness ha! 

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Have you guys used this app before? What do you think of it? Do you have a workout routine? When do you do your workouts, AM / PM?? 

Would love to here your workouts!! Comment below! 

Lots of Love A xxxx