Friday, 30 December 2016

My New Year Resolutions 2017 | AimeeBellMUA

So it is the 30th December, we can almost touch the new year.... time to start planning for the year ahead and I for one am so glad that 2016 is almost over even though I myself have had a good year but it seems to have been a curse for all the amazing artists & celebs we have lost this year! It has been a truly devastating year for so much talent!! Prince, George Michael, Professor Snape (Alan Rickman) and sooo many more!! But as all good icons, they will live on in our hearts forever and after in the music they have made & films etc!! 

When I sat down to put together my new years resolutions or goals or whatever we want to call them, I realised that everyone has similar goals... but we never put ourselves together to try and accomplish them with each others support!! So if you see yourself in my below resolutions, comment below & add me on snapchat: albmakeup and we can support each other in reaching them! I already have a few girls on their ready to take 2017 by the reigns and make it our year! Join me!! - Just search for 'albmakeup' on snapchat & I will follow back!! 

Without further ado lets get to it........

  1. MAKE HEALTHIER FOOD CHOICES - By this I don't mean eat like a rabbit for the next 365 days, but making better food choices or the low fat/better option when picking up meals & selecting food in restaurants... Far too many times I start the day great with granola, yogurt, smoothie, black coffee (no sugar)... & by dinner end up with a McDonalds & tea we order a takeaway!! With that being said, I am by no means gunna say goodbye to my takeaways, fast food & wine completely, just limit myself to a couple a month & try to choose better options than ordering everything on the menu!! I also want to start doing the 5 meal a day rule as so many of the #fitfam do.. which is... Breakfast, a small snack like fruit/nuts, lunch, another small snack like a smoothie or protein shake/bar, then a good hearty meal! I want to try and make each of my main meals as colourful as possible for good nutritional goodness & eye appeal!! Once i get my meals on track, I will do a food diary on snapchat/blog if you would like to see one! 
  2. WORKOUT 5 TIMES A WEEK (HOLIDAY PREP) - This one is pretty self explanatory, everyone knows what we mean by working out... Some people choose the gym, some people choose home workouts, some people choose outdoor walking/running or gym classes... Im looking at heading to the gym twice a week to train arms (lightly, I have chicken arms) & legs(heavy weight, I want to build my legs & gluten!), abs once a week at home, then arms & legs with an at home #sworkitapp workout.. If you haven't heard about Sworkit, head to your android/apple app store and search 'Sworkit' there are many different versions for focusing on different parts of your body & you can manage your workout time from 5 mins to 60mins depending on how much time you have spare!!! Perfect if your a busy bee! 
  3. BEGIN READING - I think a lot of people do this, I haven't read a book since my holiday almost 3 years ago, and i feel I am missing out on so much... I have my eyes set on the 'Girl with a dragon tattoo' series as I LOOOOVE the film & 'The girl on the train'!! If you have any book recommendations let me know! Im into, murder/crime/thriller/horror type books please!!!
  4. BETTER MY BEAUTY REGIME - By this I mean stop being so lazy!! I am finally into the routine of cleaning my makeup off before bed but I am getting lazy with keeping up to my nails/body/tanning/haircare etc & want to combine a proper or mini routine into my life every evening/morning to better my skins/body appearance and feel! Especially my run away eyebrows... Fall out with them on a regular basis cos I just can't figure out where they come from every day!!
  5. GET UP AN HOUR EARLIER TO BE PRODUCTIVE - Far too often, i set my alarm earlier to be productive & I turn it off and then go back to sleep till the very latest i can before getting up for work becomes a rush... I want to use my extra hour for..... #breakfast! I never eat brekkie unless on a weekend cos I just don't have the time... #blogging!! I want to use the morning to type up some blog posts, get the creative juices flowing.. i really don't want to let my blog/youtube/social media die off again!! #socialmedia! Speak to you guys more, put more varied content on there.... & finally #relax! Watch some Netflix, have some me time before the madness of the day!! 
  6. KEEP UP WITH MY BLOG/YOUTUBE/SOCIAL MEDIA - Following on from the above, i want to keep posting on my blog at least twice a week and maybe 2 videos a month on my channel.. I don't want to set too much of a high number on my YouTube just yet until I get back into it and better my videoing & editing skills.. Im a slow learner due to my patience with the upload time & iMovie editor!!! I want to better my photography skills too & provide a more varied content within my social media! I want to be able to speak to all you guys more too! The best way I love it via snapchat! So if you have it holla me! Search 'albmakeup' !! 
  7. BE MORE ORGANISED - I am pretty organised anyway and very OCD with my bedroom but I just want to keep up to my to do list more and use my time as productive as possible! 
  8. KEEP ROOM AND CAR GLEAMING -  I am a very tidy person and always tidy my room before I leave in a morning, but I wanna start a proper cleaning routine, especially with my car.. Anyone that works in their car travelling for a living will know that car lunches are a very regular thing and crumbs /fluff/papers end up everywhere, so I want to make it a ritual to vac out my car at least twice a month! As for my bedroom, I want to give it a full clean once a week, same as at Joshes! 
  9. HAVE FUN & ADVENTURES WITH FRIENDS & LOVED ONES - I already have a few things planned next year already, a holiday to corfu & a couple of Leeds hotel stays for food and drinks for birthdays but I am also hoping that we can get or at least start properly looking at houses and possibly move out for Christmas 2017 or spring 2018 cannot wait!! If that does happen, then i will be wanting plenty of gatherings and food and drink nights at our house with friends!! 
  10. SLEEP & RELAX - Pretty self explanatory again, but I wanna ensure i get enough sleep every night and not over sleep as that seems to make me tireder!! Relax is one thing I am going to incorporate into a morning/evening during pamper session... maybe start meditating/yoga to stretch out & just breathe... life gets so overbearing sometimes we just need to breathe!

And that concludes my resolutions! I feel like these are pretty achievable goals.. that I should hopefully be able to achieve!!! What sort of stuff are you going to be doing? Send me links/your list!! 

I am so looking forward to 2017!!!! 

Lots of Love A xxxx


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Thursday, 29 December 2016

St Moriz Dark Tanning Foam & End of 2016 | AIMEEBELLMUA

So it is nearing the end of 2016 & what a year it has been for me!! I left my horrendous IT service desk job, i started my dream job as an IT Apprenticeship assessor & technical skills coach, me & my bf almost have our house deposit together & we have had some amazing memories together & partied hard!!!

I love that everyone on NYE do totally different things to celebrate the new year & watch it come in differently... whether it be chilling on the sofa watching the London fireworks on the telly with a cup of tea, to partying hard in a club, to having a small get together at a friends house counting down together!! Whatever it is it seems to be a magical time... and for me its my chance to start over and press the refresh button!!

Christmas time is the best time to eat, drink and have fun with family and friends and we seem to forget everything to do with fitness & the gym.. I know I am feeling it now and I can't wait to get back into a routine again & incorporate some new things in 2017! (post coming soon!!)

So to get ready for my NYE masquerade ball at one of Joshes friends houses, I started my pamper session last night (28th December) and put on my first cheeky layer of fake tan.... This time I have used the ST Moriz Dark Tanning Foam... which I haven't used in such a long time! I forgot to pack mine to bring with me so me and Josh had to do dash to Wilko's yesterday to pick some up.... It was only £3.99... bargain bucket! Always forget the excitement of getting a dark tan for cheap!!

We headed home & i got my nice new shiny St Moriz Tanning Mitt out and I was so shocked and happy with how the formula seems to have improved a lot since I last used it & it glided on and blended so well! Lovely olive colour! NO ORANGE!!

As you can see above the legs are the true colour of the tan, its gorgeous... I do always worry though that once I shower, the nice dark coloured guide colour washes off and you feel like a ghost.. I have to say the guide colour did was off a lot, but the colour left over is lovely! Its not as dark as I want it so i am going to give it another coat on New Years Eve Eve (Friday 30th December). I did smell like a biscuit tin when i woke up, but I like that smell.. weird I KNOW! But if thats something you don't like then probs not the best tan for you... it does fade once showered though!

Do you like this tan?? What tans do you use? 

Lots of Love A xx


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