Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Fitness Update Week 3 | Aimee Bell MUA

Week 1 Day 1 


Week 2 day 5
Week 3 Day 1

So im half way through the 3rd week of my new fitness routine and im absolutely loving it! I feel much better & I am feeling stronger and more toned already! 

My week goes as follows... 

Monday & Tuesday I have been at my mums so I have completed arms & legs using dumb bell weights & a kettle bell at home for 15 minutes each. I also incorporate abs on arms. 

Wednesday is a midweek rest as I head to Joshes and we buy food in for the week. We use the lean in 15 book for help & buy our food accordingly. 

Thursday Legs again but at the gym with medium weights and high reps & a short 10mins of cardio on the treadmill. 

Friday biceps & triceps using medium weights and high repps

Saturday is the shoulder boulder day! Again medium weight and high reps. 

The reps that I have been doing are.... 50reps, break, 40reps, break, 30 reps, break, 20reps, break, 10reps. Rest. Both me and josh have seen a fast difference working this way than doing 30 reps on one excercise and moving on. Now we only do 2 different excercises in accordance with the lean in 15 plan and we feel stronger and fitter. 

Food wise we are still sticking to 1 takeaway a week or we swap the takeaway for a meal out & we have a bar of choccie that we can break up if we get a sugar craving to last the week or longer depending on the cravings ha!! 

Let me know if you want me to start posting the meals of the day or meals of the week posts! I have picked up my iphone 7 plus today and so i can now take better photos!!! Im in love with it! Best phone everrrr!!! 

Have you guys used the lean in 15 books?? If so what are your fave recipes??? 

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Lots of Love A xxxxxx