Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Workout Plan 2017 | Aimee bell MUA


This picture/quote is my favourite fitness quote ever and oh so true.. So many times people decide to start working out & then are a week in and quit or order the fatty takeaways because they aren't noticing any difference... So if you follow the above you won't be disappointed, you just need to get past the initial two weeks!! 

I am now on my 2nd day of eating healthier, & working out again and so far I feel okay (Apart from the serious DOMS on my legs right now) but you know what they say, no pain no gain!! See below today's aftermath picture of my 1000 Squat challenge by Blogilates on Youtube & 1000 Ab challenge today! 

As I am going to Corfu with my bf in May, we are now absolutely 100% trying out best to smash out the workouts and better food choices to look the hottest we can possibly look around that pool!!! 

So on that note, I have sort of changed the areas that I want to gain muscle on & work on up until then. I used to be one of them girls looking at the thigh gaps & being sooooo slender and slim, but now, I want to get that shoulder cap popping, nice shapely arms, teeny waist (from building the shoulders and booty - Its all an illusion) and a big booty & some good thighs/legs! 

Too many people I now follow on instagram/snapchat for the gains motivation to count but my god are they an inspiration!! Find someone or something you want to make your goal and go smash it! Have them on your background of your phone or laptop or something to remind yourself the pain will be worth it!!! 

So what have I decided to do... My New Workout Regime is now spread over 5 days depending on where I am whether it be at my mums or at Joshes decides for me whether i workout at home with a kettle bell weight, or go to the gym and do weights there. However the week normally looks like this...

Monday: At my mums so I start the week off with some form of leg workout challenge from YouTube or I now have downloaded the Sworkit Apps for the different splits (Arms & upper body) (Abs & Core) ( Legs & butt). So monday is a killer leg day! For added weight I use my 5kg Kettle Bell. 

Tuesday: At my mums again, so i have chosen to do an upper body workout, again using the Sworkit App & incorporating my trusty kettle bell again. I have just seen that Primark are now doing some little 4lb dumbbell weights for £5! So I am going to try pick these up tomorrow! 

Wednesday: I usually head to Joshes on this day, so I plan on doing an at home concentrated ab workout with my sworkit app & then head to the gym to get some 40 min cardio in. I usually split it onto the bike & incline treadmill. 

Thursday: At Joshes, so back to Leg day again! But this time I am hitting the gym for a HEAVY leg workout. (I am doing legs twice a week now due to there being a hell of a lot of big muscles in them & to ensure i build those booty gains!!)  - I may do a light 10 min on the treadmill or bike after depending on how my legs are (Usually JELLY!!) 

Friday: Last but not least, still at Joshes so back to arms, but in the gym this time & I am going to try concetrate on Shoulders and Biceps here with Josh to help me as he is a good egg ha! (Tuesday is more of a full upper body crippler!) - Again may finish with a smudge of light cardio for 10 mins. 

And thats it!! Saturday & Sunday can be my rest days, unless i feel like i want to do anything else but I think this routine should work well with me and my living/work schedule!!! 

Hope you enjoyed this post guys!! What sorts of things are you doing this new year? 

Lots of love A xxx